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Inspirational Speaker,
Dating & Marriage
For Women

"Lead with your head, and bring your heart along."

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“When you’re dating keep both eyes wide open.
When you’re married keep one eye shut."


Not Your Matchmaker

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about ME

As a professional Dating Coach, I have helped well over 270 women get clarity in their dating life and marry Mr. Right. I have also been teaching classes for women on Jewish topics for over 20 years and my audiences tell me I am inspirational and relatable without being preachy. I received my Masters in French from Middlebury College and lived in Paris for 2 years, before discovering Torah Judaism and becoming observant. I now live in New Jersey with my husband and children. Using humor and honesty, I share the entertaining personal journey that led me to develop powerful tools to have the relationships you desire. In my coaching practice I work with women of all ages and backgrounds.


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