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Suggested Books
My favorite books, categorized by subject

Role of Women:
Jewish Women Speak about Jewish Matters (Targum/Feldheim) 
Our Bodies, Our Souls (Tzippora Heller) 
Why Should I Stand Behind the Mechitzah When I Could Be a Prayer Leader? (Marina Goodman)
Circle, Arrow, Spiral (Miriam Kosman)*

*my all time fave
To Be A Jewish Woman (Lisa Aiken)

Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough (Lori Gottlieb)
The Death of Cupid (Nachum Braverman/Shimon Apisdorf)—also for marriage
Dating Smart (Rosie Einhorn & Sherry Zimmerman)
Beyond Bashert  (Lisa Aiken)
Head to Heart  (Gila Manolson)
The Magic Touch (Gila Manolson)  
Menucha Principle in Shidduchim (Shaya Ostrov)
Why Marry Jewish? (Doron Kornbluth)
Meet to Marry (Bari Lyman)
I Only want to get married once (Chana Levitan)

Understanding Men (Alison Armstrong)

Getting to "I do" (Patricia Allen)

The Five Love Languages (Gary Chapman)
Waters of Eden & Made in Heaven (Aryeh Kaplan)*

*good for secular relatives
Aizer Kenedgo & Akeret Habayit (Sarah Chana Radcliffe) 
The Committed Marriage (Esther Jungreis)
In the Beginning—how to survive your engagement & build a great marriage (Einhorn & Zimmerman)
Woman to Woman (Rebbetzin Esther Greenberg)
The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands (Dr. Laura)
Two Halves of a Whole (Tehilla Abramov)
To Be a Jewish Woman (Lisa Aiken)
The Menucha Principle in Marriage (Shaya Ostrow)
Ohel Rachel (Achieving Oneness in Marriage)
Marital Intimacy (Cary Friedman)
The Empowered Wife (Laura Doyle)
Choosing To Love (Gila Manolson)

Not a Partnership (Todd Jacobs)

Queens Code (Alison Armstrong)

Keys to the Kingdom (Alison Armstrong)*

*contains a small bit of language


Waters of Eden (Aryeh Kaplan)

Secret of Jewish Femininity (Tehilla Abramov)

Total Immersion (Rivka Slonim)

To Kindle A Soul (Lawrence Kelemen)
Straight from the Heart (Tehilla Abramov)
Raising Roses among the Thorns (Noach Orlowek)
Home Alone America (Mary Eberstadt)
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (Marc Weissbluth)
Blessing of a Skinned Knee (Wendy Mogel)

Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters (Erica Komisar LCSW)

What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us  (Danielle Crittenden)
The Broken American Male & How to Fix Him (Shmuley Boteach)
The Moon’s Lost Light (Heshelis)
And Your Children Shall Be Learned…(Shoshana Pantell Zolty)

Our Foremothers:
Mirrors of Our Lives: Reflections of Women in Tanach  (Holly Pavlov)
Finding the Woman of Valor (Rivka Zakutinsky)

Return to Modesty (Wendy Shalit)
Outside, Inside (Gila Manolson)
The Modest Way (Ellinson) —3 volumes

Science & Torah:
Permission to Believe (Lawrence Kelemen)
Permission to Receive (Lawrence Kelemen)
Thinking about Creation (Goldfinger)
Genesis & Big Bang (Gerald Schroeder)
Science of G-d (Gerald Schroeder)
Designer World (Avrohom Katz)
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (Shmuel Waldman)

Endless Light (David Aaron)
Seeing G-d (David Aaron)
Jewish Matters (Kornbluth)
Worldmask (Akiva Tatz)
A Committed Life (Esther Jungreis)
The Queen You Thought You Knew/The Beast that Crouches by the Door (Rabbi Forhman)

Unlocking Greatness (Charlie Harary)

Battle Plans (Rigler/Heller)
Life is a Test (Esther Jungreis)

Jewish Life:
Book of Our Heritage (Kitov)—3 volumes
The Jew & His Home (Kitov)

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