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Revamping your Dating Life and Finding your Soulmate               

#1 Dating the Jewish way: How can I prepare myself to meet my soulmate? How do I know he's the one? Getting clarity in the dating process.

#2 Devorah's Dating Do's & Dont's - avoiding common pitfalls & bad patterns.

#3  If Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus: do you have a spaceship? Bridging the gender gap. 

#4 What image are you presenting? What messages are you sending? How to have image integrity and put your best foot forward.

#5 Top 10 things I wish I had known about marriage BEFORE getting married. How having proper expectations for marriage influences who you choose to date. 

#6 Train wreck to chuppah—my dating journey & what I learned along the way

#7 Timeless Jewish dating wisdom for the modern woman

#8 Relationship tools for the 21st century woman

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