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Women's Issues

#1 From Atheist to Rebbetzin: My Story

#2 Top 10 Myths About Orthodox Jewish Women

#3 Is it a Man's World?
A contemporary look at women in Judaism.

#4 Eve: Was it all Her Fault?                     
What really happened in the Garden of Eden...
A look at Genesis and what it teaches us about the Purpose of Women

#5 Ohel Rachel:
Mystical View of the 3 Women’s Mitzvot 

#6 Women in the Bible: 
Role Models of Yesterday & Today

#7 Ascetic or Aesthetic? 
The Jewish View of Beauty (alternate title: Special Chanuka class: The Jewish vs. Greek Approach to Beauty)

#8 Pretty vs. Provocative:
What does Judaism say about Beauty & Modesty?

#9 Traditional Jewish Marriage: 
Patriarchal or Liberating?  Learn what a Jewish husband is obligated to do for his wife according to Jewish law. 

#10 Mikvah:
Waters of Mystery (Sexuality, Intimacy & Holiness)

#11 The Birds & the Bees:

The Jewish Approach to Intimacy 

#12 The Deeper Meaning Behind Modesty:

A 3-6 Part Series on Tznius as a Middah

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