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Marriage Enhancement

(Shalom Bayit)

#1 The Role of a Jewish Wife: Introduction

#2 Candle Lighting & Becoming an Ezer Kenegdo 

#3 Challah & Becoming a Channel for Blessing & Parnassa 

#4 Mikvah & Becoming a Force for Renewal 

#5 The Torah Approach to Physical Intimacy 

#6 Hair Covering 

#7 Practical Applications and How To's

#8 In-Laws or Outlaws??

#9 How the Jewish Wife Uses the Physical World to Create Spirituality 

#10 How a Woman's Path to Spiritual Perfection Differs from a Man's 

#11 Special Elul/Rosh Hashana Class: How to Re-Invent Your Marriage for The New Year 

#12 How to Take Your Shalom Bayit Resolutions into the New Year 

#13 Special Pesach Shalom Bayit Class: How to Survive This Time of Year With Your Marriage Intact 

#14  Special Purim Class: Shalom Bayit Lessons from the Purim Story 

#15 Bringing Light into the Darkness: Special Chanukah Shalom Bayit Class 

#16 Shalom Bayit Lessons of Shavuos

#17 Top 10 Mistakes Couples Make & How to Avoid Them 

#18 How to Increase Connection and Oneness in Your Marriage 

#19 An Empty Cup Can’t Pour — Prioritizing Self-Care

#20 Love is a Verb: Keeping Your Marriage Strong Through Tough Times

#21 The Mystical Connection Between Financial Success, Baking Bread & Having a Successful Marriage

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