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*each topic can be tailored towards a more religious or secular audience. 

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You are an amazing speaker, who shares so authentically with those you are speaking to. I never fail to be amazed by your warmth, sense of humor, candor, and ability to inspire.

- Sarah R.

She was so fantastic! She was funny, serious, deep and relatable. The girls were hanging on to her every word. She spoke to them openly about her personal journey from a secular life to a frum Jewish wife and mother.

Those who urged me to come hear you speak were right on the mark: “inspirational, engaging, genuine, great energy and practical advice.” Grateful for the opportunity to meet you and hear you.

I must tell you that my daughter Rina just came home and said what an influence your words had on everyone in her grade and she is completely left speechless.

- Dana L.
- Amanda K.
- Bella I.