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Marry a Mentch! 

Timeless Jewish Wisdom for Today's Single Woman

In Marry a Mensch: Timeless Jewish Wisdom for Today's Single Woman, successful dating coach Devorah Kigel shares her unfiltered dating advice that comes from her own years of dating don'ts (and even a broken engagement) to finally meeting her husband! 

What's the formula to success? Leveraging timeless Jewish dating wisdom to find the right guy without ever having to settle! In over a dozen years of dating coaching, Devorah had successfully helped well over 260 single Jewish women of all religious stripes to get to the chuppah with Mr. Right. Get ready to be the next success story and find Mr. Perfect-for-you! 


Dr. David Lieberman

Ph.D., New York Times Bestseller

"Marry a Mentch" is a masterclass on efficient, confident, and dignified dating. Devorah provides a detailed roadmap that is psychologically sound, rooted in Torah values, and guided by her own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. I highly recommend this comprehensive, compassionate, and enlightening book.  

Alex Abel

Former Editor of Seventeen Magazine

Having Devorah come along on your dating journey is such a gift. She has an innate ability to break down tough dating dilemmas into simple solutions so you can get to your husband way more quickly. This book provides the comfort of a best friend while at the same time knowing you have a mentor with years of experience on your side. There’s no shame involved when working with Devorah’s teachings — only wisdom to be gained and lasting love ahead!

Lisa Driver, MI

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